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Features to simplify
your team's life!

Our extranet is a comprehensive solution that will facilitate the work of your agents,
improve the quality of your posters, and reduce the risk of errors in the display of your promotions.

Your posters in multiple languages !

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With this feature, you have the ability to customize the language of your posters for each store, assigning content adapted to its target audience.

All your promotions in one place !

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All your promotions will be available on the platform, grouped by brochure/catalog.

Your agents only need to click on the cover of their choice and proceed to printing.

Even fewer errors on your posters !

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This feature helps to reduce the risk of displaying promotions with errors.

Your agents can notify or request a modification of any incorrect information on a specific poster at any time.

Erratum management

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Erratum allow for quick and efficient correction of errors that may occur during the production of documents such as catalogs, flyers, or advertising brochures.

With our solution, your erratum will be available for all your stores in record time.

On-demand formats

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We work together to define the formats that we will make available to your teams. This way, the same promotion will be available in several formats, allowing you to leverage the design for your different channels.

This will help you save time and optimize your communication.