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Having a website is good.
Maintaining it is even better !

Comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of your project.

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A web project is first and foremost a long-term vision that begins with reflection and materializes into a strategy. This is crucial to ensuring an effective digital presence for your company on the web.

According to Weebly, "56% of internet users do not trust a company without a website."

Our experienced teams are ready to put their expertise at your disposal to support you throughout your web project, from integration to deployment and administration of your website.

No more security breaches and performance issues !

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With 14 years of expertise, Merkatis supports you and offers you the best solutions for creating and maintaining your website.

Security and long-term performance are among our top priorities. That's why we prioritize CMS solutions that can guarantee you the best results, such as WordPress, Drupal, Symfony, and PrestaShop.

Website maintenance and updates
are no longer your concern !

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Most companies invest heavily in creating and launching their websites, but often forget that they require frequent maintenance.

Our multidisciplinary and expert teams support you on a daily basis to ensure better maintenance of your website. This includes creating banners, publishing new content, application maintenance, SEO, analytics, and more.

"The most active websites have conversion rates 19% higher than non-active ones."
Digital experience benchmark report, 2023

Why limit yourself to 35% of traffic when you can reach the entire audience !

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"The share of mobile reached 65% of online traffic in Q4 of 2022" - Digital Experience Benchmark Report, 2023.

Our teams design and create high-value websites.

Benefit from our expertise and have a website specifically designed for mobile devices to achieve the best results.

"57% of users do not recommend a company with a poorly designed mobile website."
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Why choose Merkatis ?

At Merkatis, our values and expertise are expressed on a daily basis through our relationship with our clients and employees.

Audit & Consulting

Audit & Consulting

We take charge of your project and prepare its realization while providing you with expert ideas and advice.

From A to Z realization

From A to Z realization

Our internal teams of developers and project managers build the solution from the beginning to its deployment.

Support & Accompaniment

Support & Accompaniment

We stay in touch with you and remain available on a daily basis to maintain your project and intervene if necessary.

Customized billing
You have the freedom to choose
between two billing options

Please contact us for more information.

  • Euro / Product

    Product-based billing

    Ideal for large retail chains
    with a significant weekly flow.

  • Euro / Month

    Flat-rate billing

    Ideal for small chains
    with a reduced monthly flow.