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Data is considered the "new gold" nowadays, and customers have become increasingly demanding about the quality of the data provided. That is why it has become necessary to provide them with as much updated, diversified, and confirmed information as possible, to help them make better choices.

"76% of online shoppers expect more information about products."
Label Insight and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), 2018

Expand the coverage of your products online !

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Merkatis takes care of the massive shooting of your products on-site, retrieving all relevant information from the packaging (label, weight, description, usage instructions, composition, Nutriscore, customer service, dimensions, etc.), and delivering it to you in a format that suits your needs.

With our solution, you will have all the necessary product information to distribute them across all your digital platforms, as well as in your brochures and catalogs (photos delivered in HD).

“87% of consumers have stated that detailed product information, such as comprehensive descriptions and high-quality images, significantly influence their purchasing decisions”

Make your product photos more attractive

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Our teams take care of shooting, clipping, retouching, and staging your products.

Visuals are the primary identification criterion online, which is why we attach great importance to the quality of our deliverables. We enable you to use commercial photos on your digital platforms as well as for your prints (deliverables in 300 Dpi according to the client's recommendations).

“63% of shoppers said that “high-quality product photos” are very important when deciding whether or not to buy a product online”.
Adobe study.

Sell better with a diversified and effective digital presence.

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In an era where 73% of consumers use multiple channels to make their purchases, a digital presence for your products has become a necessity.

Merkatis guarantees the digitalization of all intrinsic data of your products, allowing you to use them effectively across different channels.

Enrichment is done according to your recommendations, and our teams provide you with all the necessary attributes for the online publication of your products. The data can be delivered in multiple languages, with colors reviewed after being verified and checked by our services.

Easily access your data with our digitized solution

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Our teams take care of providing you with your processed and validated data in an automated manner. Our systems adapt and provide you with deliverables that are tailored to your information system, so you won't have to worry about integrating or compatibility issues with the files received.

Customized billing
You have the freedom to choose
between two billing options

Please contact us for more information.

  • Euro / Product

    Product-based billing

    Ideal for large retail chains
    with a significant weekly flow.

  • Euro / Month

    Flat-rate billing

    Ideal for small chains
    with a reduced monthly flow.