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In the current economic landscape, where consumers are constantly seeking ways to maximize their purchasing power, promotions play a crucial role in the daily shopping process. A recent study conducted by Tiendeo in collaboration with NielsenIQ highlights the importance of promoting promotions, revealing that 70% of the French actively rely on promotional offers, especially when it comes to their food purchases.

Dependency on Promotions: A Widespread Phenomenon

The study's results emphasize that an overwhelming majority of French consumers, 70% to be exact, depend on promotions to guide their purchasing decisions. This indicates a noticeable trend where consumers are increasingly attentive to special offers, aiming to make the most of every euro spent. Food stands out as the product category most influenced by these promotions, confirming the significant impact on the food distribution sector.

Store Choice Guided by Promotional Offers

Another crucial revelation from the study is that 60% of consumers choose their store based on the available promotions. This suggests that retailers who succeed in offering attractive promotions not only have the opportunity to retain their existing customer base but also to attract new customers due to their financial appeal. It is clear that competition among brands to offer the best promotions is an essential aspect of the commercial landscape.

The study also identifies the most sought-after product categories when it comes to promotional offers. Hygiene, food, milk, and cleaning products stand out as the products most influenced by promotions. This implies that consumers place particular importance on saving money on essential everyday items, demonstrating the direct impact of promotions on everyday consumer goods.

In conclusion, the Tiendeo & NielsenIQ study highlights the crucial importance of promoting promotions in the French commercial landscape. Consumers largely depend on these offers to guide their purchasing choices, especially in crucial areas such as food, hygiene, milk, and cleaning products. Retailers who successfully understand and leverage this dynamic will have a significant advantage in meeting consumer demand and in the fierce competition of the market. Ultimately, the promotion display emerges as an indispensable pillar of modern commerce by meeting the expectations of budget-conscious consumers.


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