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ShopFully, in collaboration with NielsenIQ, conducted a study on the use of promotional catalogs among the French population. At a time marked by a 12.4% inflation in everyday consumer products since the beginning of 2023, as reported by NielsenIQ, this study underscores the ongoing relevance of catalogs while highlighting the significant impact of the "Oui Pub" initiative, launched just a year ago to encourage the transition of users from paper to digital formats.

According to a study published on September 20, 2023, 68% of French consumers view catalogs as their primary means of accessing promotions, guiding their in-store shopping choices. Among these catalog users, an overwhelming majority, 72%, prefer the digital version of these valuable documents. This trend highlights the shift towards more modern methods for accessing promotional offers.

The decision of many retailers, such as E.Leclerc since September 1, 2023, to completely or partially cease the distribution of paper flyers has confirmed a trend that has been ongoing in recent years. Faced with this shift, the study examined alternatives to paper catalogs. The results reveal that in the absence of paper flyers, 43% of French consumers prefer to access promotions through web platforms or mobile applications, while 15% opt for receiving newsletters or emails containing these offers. This flexibility in methods of access reflects the evolving preferences of consumers in the realm of shopping, a change occurring at a time when more and more retailers are abandoning paper catalogs in favor of digital channels.




Regarding the ideal frequency for receiving information about promotions, French consumers prefer to be informed approximately 3.8 times a month, which is nearly once a week. Ultimately, the modern catalog, enriched with videos, GIFs, and culinary inspirations, has clearly proven itself as a valuable source of information to assist consumers in planning their in-store purchases. This is the conclusion drawn by Henri-Noël Bouvet.

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