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Promotions are becoming an ever-increasing part of our daily shopping experience, especially in the current context. What is the real impact of these promotions on the purchasing decisions of French consumers? A study conducted by Tiendeo and NielsenIQ gives us more insights:

  • 70% of consumers believe that promotions play a crucial role in their purchasing choices, particularly in the grocery and household sectors.
  • 60% of French shoppers determine their preferred store based on available promotional offers.
  • The most sought-after products for promotions are hygiene items, packaged foods, dairy products, and cleaning supplies.
  • Preferred types of promotions? Direct discounts, second unit offers, and loyalty card benefits lead the way.

The current era is witnessing a drastic increase in prices, driving consumers to rely on promotions to ease their expenditures. On the other hand, the trend is also shifting in terms of store choice: consumers are seeking the best offers rather than sticking to their usual go-to.

In these uncertain times, promotions have become an essential tool for both consumers and retailers.

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