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The second half of the year is marked by significant commercial events such as Black Friday, Singles' Day in China, Cyber Monday, and, of course, Christmas. This period requires advanced preparation, whether you are a brand or a distributor. According to 'Think with Google,' a large majority of global shoppers (85%) consider product information and images as crucial elements in making purchasing decisions from a brand or distributor. To make the most of this sales-friendly season, 

Here are 5 essential steps to boost your online sales right now:

1- An effective product page reflects the values and commitments that define your business. 
A quality product page goes beyond a linear array of information. While it's crucial to present elements such as price and technical specifications, it's equally important to go beyond that. An effective product page goes beyond basic data by sharing information that deeply engages your clientele, guiding them in their purchasing decisions. It reflects the fundamental values of your business. In this regard, highlighting all relevant ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data, embracing transparency, and providing a comprehensive view of the composition and origin of the products are essential elements.

2- Embrace enriched content to stimulate your online sales. 
Even with the growing popularity of e-commerce, consumers cannot physically touch products. Enriched content comes into play to bridge this gap. Creating a digital shopping experience that visually recreates the in-store experience is crucial for a successful customer experience. To stand out, it's crucial to offer consumers an exceptional customer experience, not only efficient but superior to that of your competitors. Product pages should provide as much detail as if consumers were face-to-face with a seller.

3- Accentuate seasonality in your product content. 
The holiday season provides a perfect opportunity to showcase your products festively, with attractive visuals set in a festive context. For example, customize the text to give it a seasonal tone, using appropriate keywords. Infuse your product pages with seasonal hues to provide an outstanding user experience. It's essential to include all the detailed information sought by consumers and ensure consistency in product descriptions across all e-commerce platforms you use.

4- Integrate the SEO perspective into your approach. 
Implementing an effective SEO strategy in e-commerce involves researching seasonal keywords, integrating trending terms into product descriptions, understanding expressions used by your customers to describe your products, and finally, improving your ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) by judiciously adding structured data tags to product description pages.

5- Display reviews and ratings 
Presenting reviews and ratings is crucial to building consumer trust, especially for those exploring your site for the first time. According to a 2022 PowerReviews study, 98% of consumers consider them a crucial resource for their purchase decisions, leading to a significant increase in the conversion rate, namely 120.3%.