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In the era of e-commerce, where consumers have access to a wide range of products online, one thing becomes increasingly evident: product information is crucial. Whether you are an experienced shopper or a newcomer to the world of online shopping, the quality and accuracy of product information are essential for making informed decisions. In this article, we will delve into the importance of providing correct and precise product information, based on the latest data from the product information management solution provider, Inriver. You will discover how poor product information can influence consumer choices and how sustainability also plays a vital role in modern e-commerce.

The Crucial Importance of Correct Product Information in E-commerce

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, product information holds paramount importance for consumers. According to a study conducted by the product information management solution provider, Inriver in 2022, 94% of online customers believe that accurate product information is essential when making online purchases. This represents an 11% increase compared to the previous year, highlighting the growing demand for quality and precision in product information.

One notable consequence of poor-quality product information is the potential loss of customers. Indeed, 53% of shoppers are willing to look elsewhere if product information does not meet their expectations. This means that online businesses that do not take the quality of their information seriously risk losing more than half of their customer base.

In 2021, a similar study indicated that 83% of online shoppers considered product information to be an important factor in their purchasing decisions. This year, this proportion has significantly increased to 94%. These figures clearly demonstrate that consumers place great importance on the reliability of product information when shopping online.

Another key aspect to consider is sustainability. The study's data reveals that 82% of shoppers believe it is important, if not essential, to know the ecological characteristics of a product when shopping online. It has become imperative for brands to highlight the ecological aspects of their products, including the sourcing of raw materials, labor practices, and the use of recycled materials. Sustainability goes beyond the presentation of products online and extends to tangible aspects such as recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral delivery services.

In addition to the importance of correct product information, it is crucial to present this information effectively. According to the study, 39% of consumers prefer written product descriptions, while 25% favor images, and 18% rely on customer reviews. A smaller group, 12%, even prefers product videos. This diversity of preferences underscores the importance of providing comprehensive and varied product information to satisfy a wide range of customers.

In summary, online businesses must recognize the critical importance of accurate product information to remain competitive. The quality of product information directly influences customer trust, sales, and brand reputation. To succeed in modern e-commerce, it is essential to ensure that product information is accurate, comprehensive, and aligned with customer expectations.

The increasing demand for precision and sustainability in product information emphasizes the need for businesses to highlight the ecological aspects of their products and offer a variety of information formats to cater to customer preferences. Ultimately, the online shopping experience is built on trust, and this trust begins with accurate and transparent product information. When customers feel well-informed and confident, they are more likely to make purchases and remain loyal to your brand.


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